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The mSonic is an intelligent and versatile ultrasonic Meter / Controller designed to measure Level, Volume and Open Channel Flow. mSonic's unique features allow accurate measurements in harsh environments. The mSonic uses the measured signals for control purposes.


  • In fresh and waste water applications, mSonic measures level and calculates flow rates through weirs or flumes using a 20 point conversion table. The two transducer inputs can be added, subtracted and averaged. Totalizer functionality is provided for each channel.
  • In silos and tanks, the mSonic measures level and calculates the volume of the solids or liquids they contain by using a custom 20 point conversion table..
  • The mSonic can be powered by AC (85-250V).
  • mSonic can interface two 4-20mA Ultrasonic Transducers simultaneously, performing independent or combined Level, Volume and Open Channel Flow measurements.
  • As a controller, the instrument can be programmed with various set points resulting in two analogue outputs (PID) and relay (three) actions according to the measured inputs. Complex switching sequences are possible including pump rotation.
  • Configuration of the instrument can be done via the six function keys and the graphical LCD display.


  • Two 4-20mA ultrasonic transducers temperature compensated or
  • Any two 4-20 mA or 0-5V Analogue inputs


  • Three Relays which can provide complex switching and pump rotation
  • Two Analogue outputs (4-20mA) which operate as transmitters of process values or operate as ouputs of a PID controll loop.
  • Two Digital outputs.

User Interface

  • Graphic LCD display
  • Six button Keyboards



Our aim is to provide our customers with practical, cost-saving engineered solutions and through our worldwide and local/manufacture supplier contacts and service facilities, we are able to offer complete instrumentation packages. These comprehensive packages include controllers, data loggers, control panels and turnkey projects.