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Cryogenic Valves

BEP Bestobell is recognised not only in South Africa, but across the entire world for being a leading designer and manufacturer of cryogenic valves. The quality of their products and the innovative design thereof is what has got them such respect in the global market. The applications supported by these valves include air separation, liquid natural gasses, medical gas systems and storage tanks.

The cryogenic valves that are designed and manufactured by BEP Bestobell meet with the quality standards of ISO 9001 as well as the standards set out by the Pressure Equipment Directive under PED97/36/ED. While many companies make use of cryogenic gasses in their everyday operations they need to find top quality valve suppliers such as BEP Bestobell. Most safety valves of this kind are used particularly in the protection against over pressure which may occur in pipelines and containers that are most often used for transport or distribution of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, helium and nitrogen. Most manufacturers of safety seals or valves have their products endurance tested to ensure that they can safely carry out their intended task.

BEP Bestobell is a company with over 30 years experience in its industry. They have a reputation for providing top quality and often state of the art products and items. They are dedicated to service excellence and will go out of their way to bring a product to their clients that is value for money and able to carry the load. The company itself is part of a worldwide network which enables them to source any valve or product and have it delivered to a branch near you for your convenience. You can rely on receiving the very best rates at all times.

If you are looking for cryogenic valves or any other type of valve or related product, then take the time to contact BEP Bestobell for more information advice today!