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Bestobell South Africa – The paper jointing pioneers

Welcome to Bestobell – the leading international paper jointing specialists. Whatever your sheeting product requirements or demand, rest assured that Bestobell South Africa can and will maintain a product validity at a constant availability, irrespective of your industry or business size. Yes, at Bestobell you can expect practical, cost saving engineered solutions with an amazing 100,000 plus products, including paper jointing, each sourced or manufactured from our internationally secured networks of suppliers and service facilities. Simply browse our engaging website for more specified information or simply read on… We offer quality sheeting products for our valued clientele, some f which include, Gasket, CAF (asbestos) and CNAF (non-asbestos), Paper jointing, Cork; PTFE; Graphite; Rubber Insertion; Neoprene; General purpose rubber; EPDM rubber; Butyl rubber; Hyperlon rubber; and Gum rubber, to mention but a few.

Apart from these excellent sheeting products, Bestobell also offers products in hundreds of other categories for virtually any industry ranging from sound instrumentation to BEP Controllers, Emico Ball Valves. For example:

  • The pSonic Series, an ultrasonic, 4-20mA, LoopPower level transmitter; also
  • EMFLO, a non-obtrusive, robust flow meter utilising the proven electromagnetic principle of Faraday's Law to measure flow;
  • To mention but a two.

Did you know that Bestobell is today an internationally acclaimed name synonymous with leading paper jointing and other sheeting products, as well as a diversity of quality, affordable and of course excellence to ISO 9001:2000, ISO18000 and ISO14000 standards in all their 100,000 + products. So when want the best, simply demand the paper jointing products from Bestobell for guaranteed quality and sound investment.