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    1. Insulation - For added value, we offer you the option of composing a selection of insulation and protection covers in any of the above materials, as well as composites thereof – Thus ensuring we meet each and every last one of your specific requirements.

    1. Sealing Products - The name Bestobell is one synonymous with a legendary ledger of itemised ranges of over a 100,000 products, which include a sophisticated offering in sealing products and technology,

    1. Rubber Products - As a respected gum rubber supplier, Bestobell can assure you of quality products that have incorporate in them the very latest international technology, as well as the all impressive, highest International quality assurance standards.

    1. Sheeting Products - Today we offer over 100 years of service experience to our customers. BEP Bestobell is ISO 9001:2000 accredited as well as ISO18000 and ISO14000." Some of our sheeting products in South Africa is supplied in sheets or as cut gaskets:

    1. Chemicals - Contact Bestobell for more information about the various engineering products that are available and how they can assist your applications which involve chemicals. Trust in over a century's excellence in the engineering industry and make use of Bestobell.

    1. Valves - Bestobell Valves is a world leader in the design and manufacture of cryogenic valves and a supplier of a range of other valves. The company is recognized globally for their product quality and innovation.

    1. Electrical Engineering - Electrical engineering is simply defined as the branch of engineering that deals with electrical technology, especially the design and application of circuitry equipment for various uses.

    1. Flow Meters - Flowmeters are used in almost all mechanical, electrical and instrumentation processes to measure the rate of flow for a liquid or gas. There are generally three primary flowmeters these are the mass, volumetric and velocity flowmeters.

    1. Instrumentation - If you are looking for a supplier for all your instrumentation needs – process control equipment for a wide variety of applications – Bestobell is your best option. Bestobell is a company that supplies quality instrumentation products that have been source from leading manufacturers around the globe.

  1. Control Valves - The best control valves come from BEP Bestobell. When you use our valves, you will never know failure. BEP Bestobell concentrates on the distribution of advanced engineering and technological products, like our internationally recognised range of control valves.